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uncomplicatedcheap gpon olt specificationsfor mobile

uncomplicatedcheap gpon olt specificationsfor mobile

Uncomplicatedcheap gpon olt specificationsfor mobile

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SmartAX MA5603T multi-service access module which can be used as the medium-capacity gpon olt, ip deslam and msan.
MA5603T supports GPON, GE, 10GE, VDSL2, ADSL2+, and POTS interface.




Dimensions (W x D x H, excluding mounting brackets)

442.00 mm x 283.20 mm x 263.90 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets of 19-inch standard)

482.60 mm x 283.20 mm x 263.90 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets of ETSI standard)

535.00 mm x 283.20 mm x 263.90 mm

Weight (empty chassis)

7.00 kg

Power consumption of the MA5603T chassis (Unit: W)

Typical Configuration

Static Power Consumption

Maximum Power


Typical Power Consumption

Board Configuration





































The maximum power consumption of the subrack is tested in the following conditions:

-48 V DC

Ambient temperature of 25°C

Static power consumption: power consumption of the powered-on equipment with no load (all user ports are deactivated)

Maximum power consumption: power consumption of the powered-on equipment with full services

Typical power consumption: power consumption of a device when 50% of its users are online

In the typical application of voice services, the convergence ration is 25%. The maximum power consumption of an H808ASPB board is calculated based on the 25% convergence ratio. Therefore, the typical power consumption (instead of maximum power consumption) is obtained for an H808ASPB in voice service configurations.

• Configurations of boards in the MA5603T chassis:




Service board

Service board

Service board

Service board

Service board

Service board

Control board

Control board






• Boards in the MA5603T chassis:

Slot Type


Supported Board


Control board slot


Control board

Two slots must be configured with the same control board.

Uplink Interface board (GIU) slot




Uplink interface


Mixed configuration of upstream interface boards is supported; however, it is recommended to use the same upstream interface board in the configuration.

Power board slot


Power board

It is recommended to configure the same power board in the two slots.

Universal Interface board (GPIO) slot


Universal interface board


Service board slot



• Service board

• SPL board


extension board


Mixed configuration of service boards is supported.When the SPL board or SHDSL transfer extension boardis configured in the slot, select the slot next to the corresponding service board.

The MA5603T chassis mainly consists of the service interface module, Ethernet switching module, service control module, narrowband service forwarding unit, and upstream interface module.

Service Interface Module:

The service interface module provides various service ports to access various services.

• The ADSL2+ service access boards support the ADSL2+ service.

• The SHDSL service access boards supports the SHDSL service.

• The VDSL2 service access boards support the VDSL2 service.

• The P2P interface board supports the P2P service.

• The 10G GPON/GPON service board supports the 10G GPON/GPON service.

• The voice boards support the POTS service.

• Others (for example, the Ethernet service access board supports the Ethernet cascading

function and Ethernet upstream transmission).

Ethernet Switching Module:

The Ethernet switching module of the control board supports the Ethernet aggregation and

switching based on the GE bus.

Service Control Module:

The service control module of the control board supports the following functions:

• Controls the broadband services and manages the device.

• Forwards and controls the narrowband services.

• Provides the maintenance serial port and network port to facilitate the maintenance

personnel to manage the system through the maintenance terminal and the NMS.

• Supports the switchover between the active and standby control boards.

Narrowband Service Forwarding Unit

The control board provides the narrowband service forwarding unit to control and forward the

narrowband service packets.

Upstream Interface Module:

The upstream interface module provides the following upstream ports to transmit services to the

upper layer devices.

• The GE optical port, which is provided by the GE optical interface board

• The GE electrical port, which is provided by the GE electrical interface board

• The 10GE optical port, which is provided by the 10GE uplink interface board


The MA5603T also supports GPON upstream transmission, which mainly applies to the copper access scenario.

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