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uncomplicatedgpon olt vendors factory price for company

uncomplicatedgpon olt vendors factory price for company

Uncomplicatedgpon olt vendors factory price for company

7342 OLTS-M
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Application Scope
optical line terminal equipment produced by YUNPAN is applied to the following industries.With a focus on customers, YUNPAN analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions.
Company Advantages
1. YUNPAN optical network devices is manufactured using the cutting-edge techniques.
2. The product can provide stable energy for its operation. During the peak of the solar irradiation, it can absorb the excess solar energy and store it into its energy storage system to guarantee a quick and stable operation.
3. The product has a strong rustproof capacity. During the production, it has been processed by the oxidized sandblasting machine to improve its chemical properties.
4. With so many advantages, the product is thought to have broad market application.

Company Features
1. As an excellent gpon olt vendors maker, Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. is trusted by clients.
2. YUNPAN's implementing on technological innovations keeps the gepon olt industry competitive.
3. During manufacturing, we pursue an eco-friendly production approach. We will seek feasible sustainable materials, reduce wastes, and reuse materials. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our work by meeting the strictest environmental requirements. For example, we will use the cutting-edge wastes treatment machines to handle all the production wastes before discharge. We see sustainability as our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future in all possible aspects of our business. We put special emphasis on reducing our CO2 emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and minimizing waste. We are considering how we can reduce and handle the waste during our own operations. We have a lot of opportunities to reduce waste, for example by rethinking the way we pack our goods for shipment and distribution and by also following a waste segregation system at our own offices.



7342 OLTS-M
FAN 3FE51461AA

7360 ISAM FX  Passive Optical LAN (ANSI)

The 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX is a high capacity access node designed to meet the evolving needs of enterprise Passive Optical LAN (POL). It allows enterprises and other organizations to enjoy a premium experience of all their services today and smoothly evolve to the even higher capacity needs of tomorrow in a cost-effective way. The 7360 ISAM FX simultaneously supports a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and next-generation PON technologies. It enables delivery of all services, including voice, data, video, Wi-Fi backhaul, security, surveillance and building automation through its market-leading capacity and non-blocking connectivity to each user port.

The 7360 ISAM FX is available in three size variants (small – FX-4, medium – FX-8 and large – FX-16) that are suitable for business offices, large enterprises, hospitals, universities, hospitality sector, sports arenas and others. It is a centralized access point for the entire LAN, capable of serving from hundreds to thousands of users and devices. The 7360 FX supports GPON technology and has sufficient switching, backplane and uplink capacity to evolve to next-generation fiber technology time wavelength division multiplexing (TWDM) in the future. The approach allows organizations to evolve their LAN in a gradual and cost-effective way, using the same access node and in-building cabling, while making minimal changes to electronics.

The market-leading capacity of 7360 ISAM FX enables organizations to:

• Meet the service demands with premium user experience
• Lower operational costs through savings in power, floor space and simpler management
• Get long-term value


• Supports GPON technology in point tomultipoint configuration
• Different shelf sizes, containing 4, 8 or 16 line cards
• Flexible density: a GPON card can have 8 or 16 ports
• Each port can connect up to 64 connection points
• All applications (voice, data, video, wireless backhaul, surveillance) converged on a single platform
• IP/Ethernet access platform
• Advanced traffic management
• Smooth evolution path to TWDM-PON using the same platform
• Managed by the Nokia 5571 Passive Optical LAN Command Center (PCC)


• High capacity to meet increasing LAN demand
• No single point of congestion
• Dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) to allow peak bursts up to 1Gb/s per user/device
• Shelf-size options that support any building / campus size or deployment model in a central indoor or outdoor location
• Commonality of software, line cards and deployment practices across all ISAM FX shelf variants
• Green technology (power efficient)
• All services operate on a single network

Technical specifications

Full service platform

Multiservice access support
• 16-port GPON line card
• 8-port GPON line card
LT support
• GPON line cards
• EPON line card with DPoE
• 10G EPON line card with DPoE
• Point-to-point fiber line card
• VDSL2 with vectoring line cards
• System level vectoring (SLV) processor
• Voice services line card
Network termination (NT) support: FANT-F
• 480Gb/s switching matrix (bidirectional)
• Active/Active redundancy
• Four configurable 10Gb/s or 1Gb/s network links
• Small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) cages
Network termination input output (NTIO) support: FNIA-A
• Eight configurable 10Gb/s or 1Gb/s network links
• SFP+ cages
• Used as uplink, downlink or direct user link management
• Fully managed by the Nokia 5520 AMS and
Nokia 5529 Access Provisioning Center (APC)

Standards compliance

• ETS EN 300 019-1-1 storage – Class 1.1 weather-protected, partly temperaturecontrolled locations
• ETS EN 300 019-1-2 transport – Class 2.3 public transportation
• ETS EN 300 019-1-3 stationary use – Class 3.1E and Class 3.3 (assuming no condensation and icing)
• GR-63-CORE
• SBC TP76200MP
• GR-3108-CORE Powering
• ETS EN 300 132-2
• ITU-T K.20 enhanced and K.45 basic Safety
• IEC 60950, EN 60950 Class 1, AS/NZS 60950.1
• UL/CSA 60950-1-03
• EN 60950-1
• ETS EN 300 386 for telecommunications center installation environment
• ETS ES 201 468
• GR-1089-CORE
• FCC Part 15 Class A
• EN 55022
Acoustic noise
• ETS 300 753

Operating environment

• Temperature: -40⁰C to 65⁰C (-40⁰F to 149⁰F)
• Relative humidity: 5% to 93% (non-condensing)
• Over-temperature sensors and shutdown


• Input
• 48/60V DC nominal
• Fully redundant power feeding (Branch A and B)

Physical dimensions

• Height: 600mm (23.6in) (~14RU)
• Width: 500mm (19.7in); can be used in ETSI-sized 600mm x 300mm (23.6in x 11.8in) racks
• Depth: 280mm (11.0in)
• Height: 360mm (14.1in) (8RU)
• Width: 445mm (17.5in); can be used in 482mm (19in) racks
• Depth: 280mm (11.0in)
• Height: 223mm (8.8in) (5RU)
• Width: 445mm (17.5in); can be used in 482mm (19in) racks
• Depth: 280mm (11.0in)
• Rack-mounting pitch of 25mm (0.98in)

Construction (based on FX-16)

• 16 wire speed LT slots
• 256 GPON ports per shelf:
– 16 ports x 16 slots
– 8,192 subscriber locations (32 split)
• 10Tb/s total system capacity

The manufacturing processes of YUNPAN gpon olt vendors consist of several steps. They are materials cleaning, cutting, molding, extruding, edge processing, surface polishing, etc. This product is easy to install without a specialized person
YUNPAN optical network devices is required to pass the complete manufacturing steps. These steps include feet theory research, CAD shape design, materials cutting, sewing, stitching, and assembly. With premium coating, its surface is not easy to fade
The inspections for YUNPAN gepon olt fabrics have been conducted. The fabrics have been checked with regard to fabric softness, fabric width, fabric shrinkage, and knitting defects. To prevent the home burglaries, this product is designed with strong bump-resistance
The key things to consider in designing YUNPAN gepon olt are: Aspect Ratio, Viewing angle, Gain, Fixed or retractable, Masking system, Acoustically transparent or not, Boarder type and Environment light level. Machined by CNC equipment, this product features high precision
The fabrics performance of YUNPAN gepon olt has been analyzed. It has been assessed in terms of breathability, moisture management, heat management, softness, stiffness, roughness, and smoothness. Its anti-theft function increases the security for the house
It is heavily resistant to all forms of weather. Advances in manufacturing techniques have increased the choice of materials, with required properties such as weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
This product is durable. Its stitching is secure and the inconspicuous area is free from bulk and is flat and smooth. Processed by die-casting, it's impact resistant
The product is not prone to fracturing caused by expansion. The materials used in it feature low water absorption, which prevents water or moisture from entering into the materials. The product can be applied in wooden and metal doors
It can effectively clean out all small, medium, large debris, or even particles or bacteria which are invisible to the naked eye if used together with different cleaning tools. This product enables the door to close silently
It offers a high level of structural stability. It spans multiple floors and can deal with factors like thermal expansion and contraction, water diversion and building sway and movement effectively. To prevent the home burglaries, this product is designed with strong bump-resistance
Solid outer packing for gpon olt vendors is a must in Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. as a quality assurance. The product can be applied in wooden and metal doors
The quality of gepon olt meets up with all national standards. Its anti-theft function increases the security for the house
gpon olt vendors is considered essential to Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd.'s competitive advantage as a gepon olt manufacturer. Its inside trim can be customized into egg knobs, lever handles, and cylinders
Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. has high level of innovation inclination and innovation management for gepon olt. The product is widely used in both residential and commercial settings
Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. has high demand on outer packing for gepon olt. Processed by die-casting, it's impact resistant
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