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What are the advantages of self-service terminal applications in Banks?

What are the advantages of self-service terminal applications in Banks?


With the continuous development and progress of The Times, the use of self-service terminals in Banks saves the time of queuing for customer service, and at the same time reduces the workload of staff, not only that, it also has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of self-service terminal application in Banks

1. Other value-added services such as commodity purchase can be realized through other software functions of the self-service terminal. It also has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs and error-free operation.

2. Self-service terminals can reduce bank operating costs. According to incomplete statistics, a self-service terminal provides far more financial services per year than a teller can provide in a year, and the cost of the self-service terminal is relatively low.

3. The use of self-service service terminal alleviates the problem of excessive human flow in the business hall of the bank, makes up for the insufficient business hours of the bank, and avoids customers spending too much queuing time to handle business in the business hall of the bank.

self-service terminals

Features of self-service terminals.

1.Easy to pay: when people are trading. Just scan the qr code on the self-service terminal to complete the payment.

2. The self-service terminal supports multiple payment methods: unionpay card, cash, alipay, WeChat and other payment methods can be used on the self-service terminal.

3, there are many ways to get tickets: the self-service terminal can support the use of two-dimensional code, mobile phone number verification code or membership card to get tickets, if the self-service terminal is a cinema, it can also provide people with a special cinema membership card recharge service.

4. Convenient and time-saving printing: the self-service terminal can print tickets and some transaction vouchers very quickly, which can save people's time.

5, support remote monitoring: enterprises can carry out unified background management of the self-service terminal, and also can monitor the operation of each equipment through the background, when there is a failure, users can be the first time to know, and make timely adjustment, maintenance treatment.

In general, the self-service terminal brings convenience to both the enterprises that buy it and the consumers that use it, and its functional advantages are very obvious.

Maintenance of self-service terminals

1, to ensure that the working environment of the self-service terminal is good, such as ambient temperature, humidity, etc., to be suitable, and to reduce environmental dust as far as possible, regular cleaning of the machine.

2, before cleaning the self-service terminal to shut down, and unplug the power. Special care should be taken when cleaning the screen: do not use alcohol, solution or cloth with bristles, and do not allow liquids to flow into the machine.

3, the self-service terminal magnetic card machine daily use should pay attention to dust, regular cleaning. When the magnetic card machine read card is not sensitive, you can use the cleaning card to clean the magnetic card read and write head. When the card is inserted into the magnetic card machine, the protection door is not opened. The magnetic detection head on the card slot should be cleaned. When the card is not smoothly entered or returned, the pressing wheel of the magnetic card machine should be cleaned. The dirt on the pressing wheel can be removed with a tool and wiped clean with alcohol. At the same time, you can check whether the belt on the magnetic card machine is tensioned. If the belt is very loose, it should be replaced.

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