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What should be noted about the self-service optical line terminal?

What should be noted about the self-service optical line terminal?


With the continuous development of science and technology, optical line terminals have been continuously applied in various industries. In many areas, self-service optical line terminals can be seen in many places. However, there are a lot of important points to note when using the self-service optical line terminal. YUNPAN Transmission Equipment Supplier will explain the points to note when using the self-service optical line terminal.

Precautions for using self-service optical line terminals

1. Product type: whether the manufacturer of self-service optical line terminals can provide self-service optical line terminals of various functional models. The more the type type, the stronger the manufacturer

2. Strength of the manufacturer: it mainly includes: whether there is a patent certificate related to the product, how much is the registered capital of the manufacturer of self-service optical line terminal; Whether there is a long self-service optical line terminal development process; Whether there is a self-service terminal development, testing, manufacturing, maintenance departments, etc.

3. After-sales service: whether the manufacturer of self-service optical line terminal has a comprehensive service system. At the same time, to see whether it can guarantee in the self-service optical line terminal failure, can be repaired or replaced at the fastest speed, to the satisfaction of the buyer.

To sum up, when buying self-service optical line terminals, we need to consider a lot of places, and each factor is particularly important, so we must comprehensively consider the major factors before making the corresponding choice.

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The use of self-service optical line terminal

Self-service optical line terminal is one of the important places of use in tourist attractions. With the development of tourism, the number of tourists is increasing, the traditional form of window ticket sales can no longer meet the demand, so we need the help of self-service ticket machines, it is very convenient to pick up and buy tickets.

Second is the history museum, exhibition hall and other sites. These places are closed places, and an important management issue is limiting the number of people who can enter. Manual management is cumbersome and does not guarantee accuracy. However, after using the self-service ticketing terminal, the system will automatically record the ticketing information to achieve intelligent management.

It must be clear to all that the stations, cinemas, hospitals, Banks and other places where self-service terminals are relatively mature are welcomed by all.

The self-service terminal has the appearance of beautiful and simple, strong and durable, the appearance structure conforms to the design of modern human factor engineering, the main structure material USES the steel structure surface spraying high quality outdoor plastic powder, effectively waterproof, rust-proof, anticorrosive, explosion-proof, dustproof, wear-resistant and suitable to the environment.

The interior adopts functional modular structure design, which combines motherboard, memory, solid state disk, camera, card reader, printer and other products, so that the overall operation of the product can be reliable and stable.

Self-service all-in-one machine self-service single machine self-service terminal is an electronic information network equipment terminal. Touch screen has quick response speed, easy to communicate, the host is responsible for data processing, information exchange, combining relevant software and host the touch screen is tied and other functional devices, users just click on it gently touch screen above or text to the system operation, can realize the human-computer interaction information transfer or business to deal with. The self-service terminal is a series of intelligent terminal devices which can provide all-weather self-service and operate simply and conveniently.

Convenient daily fees and electronic payment service by the majority of users, kiosks in daily life to achieve the including utilities, phone payment, the ticket purchase, welfare lottery ticket purchase, show ticket, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance payment, bank transfer, credit card payments, bank card balance inquiries and other convenient features.

Kiosks, therefore, is a combination of hardware and software of network terminal equipment, is also a kind of work for the life of people to provide various types of self-service intelligent electronic devices, is had the information interaction, 24-hour self-help service, to provide users with comfortable, efficient and considerate self-service intelligent terminal equipment. People's life style has stepped into the era of intelligence. The emergence of self-service terminals meets the needs of the development of science and technology in the era of intelligence.

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