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Base station control (BSC) plays the role of controller and centralizer in the base station subsystem. A base station controller can control dozens of BTS according to the traffic volume.

BSC used for GSM communication, RNC used for 3G communication, is the core network element of the base station subsystem.

Mobile service switching center is the core of the network, which provides switching functions as well as service entities for the system. MSC can obtain all the data needed to process user location registration and call requests from three databases (HLR,VLR,AUC). In turn, MSC updates some of the database data according to its latest information request. MSC has the functions of number storage decoding, call processing, routing, echo cancellation, overload control, etc. As the core of the network, MSC should be able to support mobile management functions such as location registration, cross zone switching and automatic roaming. MSC shall also support channel management, data transmission, and security and confidentiality functions including authentication, information encryption, mobile station equipment identification, etc

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