The communication base station is the most critical infrastructure in the mobile communication network. The mobile communication base station has structural parts such as engine room, electric wire, tower mast, etc. the base station house is mainly equipped with signal transceiver, monitoring device, fire extinguishing device, power supply equipment and air conditioning equipment, and tower rod, including lightning protection grounding system, tower body, foundation, bracket, cable and auxiliary facilities. According to the shape, the tower mast can be divided into different forms, such as angle steel tower, single tube tower, ejector pole, cable tower and so on. The antenna is an antenna frame. feed The three layer structure of the system and the infinite reflector has two different application scenarios, indoor and outdoor. According to different transmission directions, antennas can also be divided into directions and omnidirectional directions.

The choice of a base transceiver station should be considered in terms of performance, matching, compatibility and usage requirements. Mobile switching center Compatible or matching, so as to achieve better communication results. The base station subsystem mainly consists of two types of devices: base station transceiver (BTS) and Base station controller ( BSC ).

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