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The Optical Network Unit(ONU) is divided into active Optical Network Unit and passive Optical Network Unit.Generally, the equipment equipped with optical receivers, uplink optical transmitters and multiple bridge amplifier network monitoring is called optical nodes.PON is connected to OLT using a single fiber, and then OLT to ONU.ONU provides data, IPTV (interactive network TV), voice (IAD (Integrated Access Device) and other services, truly realizing the "triple-play" application.

ONU has two functions: to selectively receive the broadcast sent by OLT, and to receive response to OLT if the data needs to be received; Collect and cache the Ethernet data that the user needs to send, and send the cached data to the OLT end according to the assigned sending window.

The application of ONU can effectively improve the uplink bandwidth utilization rate of the whole system, and configure the channel bandwidth according to the network application environment and applicable service characteristics, so as to carry as many end users as possible without affecting the communication efficiency and quality, improve the network utilization rate and reduce the user cost.

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