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Mircowave Transmission Equipment OptiX RTN950A

Mircowave Transmission Equipment OptiX RTN950A
OptiX RTN950A
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OptiX RTN 950A

IDU Dimensions (H*W*D)

442 mm x 220 mm x 88 mm

IDU Weight


Power Supply

-38.4V to -57.6V

Typical Power Consumption (IDU+ODU)

125 W (1+0, ISM6)
228 W (1+1, ISM6)

Number of Wavelengths (maximum)

DWDM: 80 wavelengths

CWDM: 8 wavelengths

Rate per Wavelength (maximum)


Operating Environment

IDU:–5°C to 60°C

5% RH to 95% RH

ODU:–33°C to 55°C

5% RH to 100% RH

Interface Type

E1, T1, STM-1 (e/o), FE (e/o), GE (e/o), 10GE (o)

Channel Spacing

3.5/ 7/14/28/40/50/56/112 MHz


6 to 42 GHz

Ethernet Function

Ethernet ll, IEEE 802.3, and IEEE 802.1q/p service format adding or deleting, and exchange VLAN tags (IEEE 802.1q/p)
ISIS, OSPF, BGP, RSVP, LDP Flow control (IEEE 802.3x)
Link aggregation groups (IEEE 802.3ad LAG and L1 LAG)

Service Type

Native Ethernet services: E-Line service and E-LAN service
PW-carried Ethernet services: E-Line service, E-AGGR service, and
E-LAN (VPLS) service (VPLS standing for virtual private LAN service)

Key Feature

CES E1, IEEE 1588v2, USB startup, H-QOS, PLA/EPLA/EPLA+, AES-256 encryption, Anti-theft, 1+1, N+1, XPIC, AM, TDM, PWE3/MPLS, SDB, L3VPN, CA, MIMO


Flexible radio transmission equipment providing high-availability microwave links for TDM, IP-based, and hybrid networking. OptiX RTN 900 Series systems support voice transmission on 2G networks, voice and data services on 3G networks, and broadband data services on LTE networks.

The OptiX RTN 900 is a new generation TDM/Hybrid/Packet integrated microwave transmission system developed. It provides a seamless microwave transmission solution for mobile communication network or private networks.

The OptiX RTN 900 series provide a variety of service interfaces and can be installed easily and configured flexibly. The OptiX RTN 900 series provide a solution that can integrate TDM microwave, Hybrid microwave, and Packet microwave technologies according to the networking scheme for the sites, achieving smooth upgrade from TDM microwave to Hybrid microwave, and from Hybrid microwave to Packet microwave. This solution meets the transmission requirements of 2G, 3G, and LTE services while also allowing for future network evolution and convergence.

There are five types of OptiX RTN 900 Packet microwave products: OptiX RTN 905, OptiX RTN 910, OptiX RTN 950, OptiX RTN 950A, and OptiX RTN 980. Users can choose the product best suited for their site.

The OpitX RTN 950A adopts a modular chassis with 2U height. It belongs to RTN 900 split IP microwave series that consist of an indoor unit (IDU) and an outdoor unit (ODU). The OpitX RTN 950A provides six slots to flexibly support multiple service boards and convergence of up to 10 radio directions.
RTN950A includes IDU and ODU.
The IDU is the indoor unit for an OptiX RTN 900 series system. It receives and multiplexes services, performs service processing and IF processing, and provides the system control and communications function.
The ODU is the outdoor unit for the OptiX RTN 900. It converts frequencies and amplifies signals.
The OptiX RTN 900 product series can use the RTN 600 ODU and RTN XMC ODU, covering the entire frequency band from 6 GHz to 42 GHz.



Build faster, more reliable microwave transport links supporting IP and TDM technologies with OptiX 900 Series Microwave Transmission Systems:


Supports a full spectrum of 6-42 GHz, a channel spacing of 3.5-112 MHz, and a modulation scheme of up to 4096QAM.

Unified platform for TDM, Hybrid, Packet, and IP Routing services; provides various ports (E1/SDH/FE/GE/10GE) and up to 90 Gbit/s switching capacity.

Provides an air-interface throughput of up to 2.5 Gbit/s per carrier.

Provides AES-256 encryption and anti-theft to ensure high security.

Supports MIMO and CA for future huge-capacity requirements.

Supports unique four-layer Ethernet frame header compression to provide a large throughput for IP services.

Providesa leading13-grade hitless adaptivemodulationtechnologyto ensurehigh availability.

Up to 12-channel enhanced physical link aggregation (EPLA) and load sharing for high-level granularity traffic.

Supports the Super Dual Band (SDB) solution for TCO-optimized capacity expansion.

Ethernet synchronization and full IEEE 1588 V2 (TC/OC/BC)provide high quality eLTE backhaul networks.

Easy Deployment and OAM:

The OptiXRTN 950A can be easily installed in any standard indoor or outdoor cabinet. 

A plug-and-play USB key can be used to achieve fast startup and service provisioning.

The portable Web LCT can be used for NE-layer management, and the unified platform iManager U2000 can be used for complete network management.

Engineered for maximum usable bandwidth:

high modulation schemes, cross-polarization interference cancellation, and Ethernet frame header compression technologies yield bandwidth to 2 Gbit/s

Carrier-grade reliability features:

protection and redundancy at the network, link, and equipment levels; plus Ingress Protection (IP65) for water and dust, and 8 kA surge protection for high-availability operation in harsh environments

Easy maintenance:

supports MPLS-TP, provides a built-in TDM packet service platform, and features Huawei’s exclusive TP Assistant, intelligent management system, TP Assistant, for flexible, cost-effective O&M

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