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Network Switch NE20E-X6 High-End Business Switch

Network Switch NE20E-X6 High-End Business Switch
NE20E-X6 (NetEngine20E-X6)
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Dimensions (H*W*D)

442 mm × 650 mm × 220 mm

Weight (Full-Loaded)


DC input voltage

-38V~-72V, -48V

AC input voltage

175 V to 275 V, 220V


DC: 1200W
AC: 1350W

Thermal discharge

DC: 3890 BTU/hour
AC: 4376 BTU/hour

Forwarding capacity


Port capacity (bi-directional)


Operating Environment

0°C to 45°C

5% RH to 95% RH


Netengine20E-X6 high-end business router (hereinafter referred to as "NE20E-X6") is a high-performance router  for customers such as finance, power, government, education, enterprises, operators and other customers, aiming to meet the requirements of operators and industry network customers to gather access to the network with high carrier-level availability.


NE20E-X6 is based on distributed hardware forwarding and non-blocking switching technology, with good wire speed forwarding performance, excellent expansion ability, perfect QoS mechanism and strong business processing capacity. NE20E-X6 has a strong convergence access capability and can flexibly deploy L2VPN, L3VPN, multicast, multicast VPN, MPLS TE, QoS, etc., to achieve the reliability of business operation level. Meanwhile, ne20e-x6 fully supports IPv6 and can achieve a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6.In terms of networking application, NE20E-X6 router, as a high-performance aggregation device, provides comprehensive business processing capacity and provides comprehensive and flexible network solutions, effectively improving network value and saving network construction cost.



• Using distributed hardware forwarding, NE20E-X6 has no independent switching board.

• The control channel is separated from the service channel to ensure the smooth flow of the control channel.

• Carrier-level high reliability and manageability;

• The system adopts module-level shielding, fully meeting the EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) requirements;

• Single board, power module and fan support hot swap;

• Main control board MPU (Main Process Unit) adopts 1:1 redundant backup;

• Redundant backup of key components such as power supply, fan, clock and management bus;

• Provide single plate anti-misplacement protection to avoid fault caused by wrong slot placement;

• Provide power alarm prompt information, alarm indication, operation status and alarm status query;

• Provide voltage and ambient temperature warning information, warning indication, operation status and alarm status query.




Rich business support capability

• NE20E-X6 can provide rich feature support and powerful business processing capabilities to meet the IP/MPLS bearer network, enterprise business needs.

• NE20E-X6 has a powerful routing capability, providing rich routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, is-is, BGP4 and multicast routing, supporting plain/ciphertext authentication, and fast convergence function to ensure safety and stability in complex routing environment.

• NE20E - X6 has strong ability of VPN, according to the requirements of network can be deployed at the same time L2VPN, L3VPN, MVPN, support and TE (Traffic Engineering) at the same time deployment, support rich access type (ATM and TDM, POS, Ethernet, E1 / cE1, T1, T3, CPOS, etc.), flexible support QinQ, support DHCP/IPoE, can adapt to the traditional access requirements and emerging business needs, meet the demand of business integration more abundant bearing.

• NE20E-X6 provides comprehensive NAT enhancements, including NoPAT, PAT, internal server NAT, NAT ALG, business message destination address substitution, and NAT e-log.It also provides IPSec to help customers build a safe and controllable network.

• NE20E-X6 has a strong scalable multicast ability, supporting rich IPv4/IPv6 multicast protocol, including pim-sm /DM/SSM, MLDv1/v2, IGMPv3, IGMP Snooping and other features, can flexibly carry video business, can meet the needs of multicast business of all sizes.


Rich routing processing capabilities

• NE20E-X6 fully supports RIP, OSPF, BGP, is-is and other unicast routing protocols, as well as IGMP, PIM, MBGP, MSDP and other multicast routing protocols, and supports routing strategies and policy routing.Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual protocol stack, achieve hardware IPv6 forwarding, provide rich IPv6 protocol.Support a variety of IPv4 to IPv6 transition technology: manual configuration tunnel, automatic configuration tunnel, 6to4 tunnel, etc.Support IPv6 static routing, support BGP4/BGP4+, RIPng, OSPFv3, ISISv6 and other dynamic routing protocols;Support ICMPv6 MIB, UDP6 MIB, TCP6 MIB, IPv6 MIB, etc.

• NE20E-X6 supports a wealth of IPv6 features including IPv6 user access/authentication, NAT, dual stack/ds-lite, tunneling and translation.Ne20e-x6 provides a complete ipv4-ipv6 solution to meet the needs of operators in the above scenarios.


Comprehensive reliability solutions

• NE20E-X6 provides reliability protection from multiple levels, including equipment level, network level and business level reliability, which can deal with various failure forms in the network and ensure business recovery.

• Equipment level reliability: provides redundant backup of key components.Key components support hot swap and hot backup, NSR (non-stop Routing), NSF (non-stopforwarding) and ISSU technologies together to improve business recovery capability and realize uninterrupted business operation.

• Network level reliability:Provide IP/LDP/VPN/TE fast reroute/Hot Standby, IGP, BGP and fast convergence of multicast routing, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), share the TRUNK link backup, BFD link rapid detection, MPLS/Ethernet OAM, routing Protocol/port/VLAN Damping technology, guarantee the network stability, and can provide end-to-end rearrangement of 200 ms protection, the business without interruption.

• Business-level reliability: VPN FRR and e-vrrp technology, VLL FRR and Ethernet OAM technology, PW Redundancy and e-trunk technology are provided, and can be applied to network networking schemes of L3VPN and L2VPN, ensuring Redundancy and backup at the service level, making the service stable and reliable without interruption.

• NE20E-X6 forms the solution for the whole network from different levels, fully meets the reliability requirements of the carrier-level, and is the cornerstone of the carrier-level service construction, achieving 99.999% system availability.


Perfect QoS mechanism

• NE20E-X6 provides high Quality of Service capability. Advanced queue scheduling algorithm and congestion control algorithm can realize multilevel accurate scheduling of data flow, so as to meet the Service Quality requirements of different users and different business levels.

• NE20E-X6 product has perfect QoS scheduling mechanism: it supports the five-level h-qos scheduling mechanism oriented to the access side, which is diversified and differentiated to meet the business needs of users at different levels on the access side.Support the network-side MPLS h-qos function, support the deployment of QoS function on the network side, and realize the QoS capability of MPLS VPN, VLL and PWE3;Support TE based MPLS ds-te, realize the combination of MPLS TE and DiffServ Model, support 8CT (Class Type), MAM (Maximum Allocation Model) and RDM (Russian Dolls Model) bandwidth constraint models, and effectively guarantee QoS requirements of network.

• Based on the perfect QoS mechanism, ne20e-x6 has a good network resource allocation ability and provides the service quality solution for the whole network to meet the network carrier-level service requirements.



NE20E-X6 supports automatic troubleshooting.By running the fault diagnosis software on PC, it can help engineers to locate the fault quickly and accurately.



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