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sfp in optical fiber components for communication YUNPAN

sfp in optical fiber components for communication YUNPAN

Sfp in optical fiber components for communication YUNPAN

OSG010006, PN: 34060805
1 piece
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Product Information of sfp in optical fiber components for communication YUNPAN
Product Introduction
  • 34060805 OSG010006 SFP BIDI 1310nm 10km Optical Transceiver
  • 34060805/ OSG010006 BiDi Transceiver,CSFP,Tx1490/Rx1310nm,125M~1.25Gbps,-9dBm,-3dBm,-23dBm,LC,SM,10km
  • 34060803/ OSG010005 Integrated Optical Transmitting and Receiving Module,CSFP,Transmitting:1490nm, Receiving:1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9.0dBm,-3.0dBm,-24dBm,LC,GE/FE autonegotiation
  • 34060894/ OSG040008 BiDi Transceiver,CSFP,Tx1490/Rx1310nm,1.25G,-5dBm,0dBm,-25dBm,LC(-40~85),SM,40km
  • 34060470/ SFP-GE-LX-SM1310-BIDI BiDi Transceiver,eSFP,Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm,1.25Gb/s,-9dBm,-3dBm,-19.5dBm, LC,SM,10km
  • 34060475/ SFP-GE-LX-SM1490-BIDI BiDi Transceiver,eSFP,Tx1490nm/Rx1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-9dBm,-3dBm,-19.5dBm, LC,SM,10km
  • 34060539/ OGEBIDI41 Optical Transceiver,eSFP,1310nm(Tx)/1490nm(Rx),1.25Gb/s,-2dBm,3dBm,-23dBm,LC,SM,40km
Product Details
With a focus on quality, YUNPAN pays great attention to the details of optical transmitter.YUNPAN carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce optical transmitter which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.
Product Comparison
YUNPAN has professional production workshops and great production technology. olt optical line terminal we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.After being improved greatly, YUNPAN's olt optical line terminal is more advantageous in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. YUNPAN sfp in optical fiber works fine. It uses advanced production equipment for forming, cutting, dyeing, sewing and various tests.
2. Compared with the traditional sr sfp module , sfp in optical fiber has a series of advantages.
3. The performance of the product has an irreplaceable advantage in the market.
4. Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. has become a model of the sr sfp module industry's brand production companies.
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SFP-10G-ZCW1571Optical transceiver, SFP+, 10G, single-mode module (CWDM,1571nm,70 km, LC)
SFP-10G-ZCW1591Optical transceiver, SFP+, 10G, single-mode module (CWDM,1591nm,70 km, LC)
SFP-10G-ZCW1611Optical transceiver, SFP+, 10G, single-mode module (CWDM,1611nm,70 km, LC)
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QSFP-40G-iSR4Optical transceiver, QSFP, 40G, multimode module (850 nm, 0.15 km, MPO) (connecting to four SFP+ optical transceivers)
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SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDIOptical transceiver, eSFP, FE, BIDI single-mode module    (TX1550/RX1310,15km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1310-BIDIOptical transceiver, eSFP, GE, BIDI single-mode module    (TX1310/RX1490,10 km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1490-BIDIOptical transceiver, eSFP, GE, BIDI single-mode module    (TX1490/RX1310,10 km, LC)
LE2MGSC40ED0 eSFP-GE-BIDIOptical transceiver, SFP, GE, BIDI single-mode module    (TX1490/RX1310, 40 km, LC)
LE2MGSC40DE0 eSFP-GE-BIDIOptical transceiver, SFP, GE, BIDI single-mode module    (TX1310/RX1490, 40 km, LC)
SFP-GE-LX1000Base-BIDI optical transceiver, SFP, GE, single-mode module (TX1490 nm/RX1310 nm,10 km, LX)

Company Features
1. Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. is an important player in sr sfp module industry.
2. fiber module sfp is appreciated by more customers for its highest quality and fashionable appearance.
3. The faith of YUNPAN is always keeping moving. Get quote! Yantai yunpan international trade Co.,Ltd. has gradually cultivated and formed the entrepreneurial spirit of sfp in optical fiber . Get quote! We aim to be the dominant sfp module supplier manufacturer to provide more convenience for more customers. Get quote! We will seize any possible opportunity to improve and optimize our service for fiber optic module. Get quote!
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