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BSC6910 Core Network device EGPUa OMUc SPUa Board

BSC6910 Core Network device EGPUa OMUc SPUa Board
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BSC6910 Core Network device Huawei EGPUa OMUc SPUa Board


BSC6910 Core Network device with EGPUa *2 OMUc *2 SPUa *2 Board

BSC6910 Core Network device with EGPUa *4 SCUb *2 FG2c *3 EOMUa *2 Board

The BSC6900 software connects to the core networks and manages the base stations in the GSM and UMTS networks. The BSC6900 software performs functions such as radio resource management, base station management, power control, and handover control. The BSC6900 software possesses the following functional features:

1. The BSC6900 software can work with GSM and UMTS technologies. Thus facilitating the smooth evolution from GSM to GSM&UMTS, and the evolution between GSM&UMTS and UMTS;

2. The BSC6900 software provides the highly efficient transmission resource management algorithm;

3. Industry-leading technologies, delivering excellent performance;

4. Easy maintenance through the Web LMT;

5. Flexible networking.

The major security features implemented by BSC6900 software and subject to evaluation are:
1. Authentication: Operators accessing the TOE in order to execute device management functions are identified by individual user names and authenticated by passwords. Also, the TOE connects with the M2000 entity (external management element of the whole communication solution). The communication with the M2000 is protected connection using the SSL/TLS. Also an additional private arithmetic process common to both parties is applied before the authentication. Once the M2000 is properly connected the interaction with the TOE is made by the utilization of a special user (EMSCOMM) registered in the BSC6900 software.

2. Role-based access control: The TOE implements role-based access control, limiting access to different management functionality to different roles.

3. Auditing: Audit records are created for security-relevant events related to the use of BSC6900 software. BSC6900 Multimode Base Station Controller Software Security Target 2011-12-20 BSC6900 Multimode Base Station Controller Software Security Target Page 7/ 58

4. Communications security: BSC6900 software provides SSL/TLS channels (for FTP, HTTP, MML, BIN) to access the TOE. 5. Management of security functionality: The TOE offers management functionality for its security functionality.

6. Digital signature: For the installation of GBTS managed element, the TOE is able to check the software integrity of the package previous to the installation of the element in order to verify its integrity. 


The boards of the SE2600 consist of the SRU, SFU, SPU, and LPU.
The SRU is the core board for system management.
The SFU interchanges service data of the entire system.
The SPU provides all service processing functions.
The LPU provides physical interfaces to external network elements (NEs) or external networks. 

The SRUs control and manage the system in a centralized manner and they work in 1+1 backup mode. functioning as the clock source and the management and maintenance unit of the system, the SRUs provide the functions of the control plane and the system maintenance plane. The SRU is composed of the MPU and SFU modules. The two SFU modules on the two SRUs work in load-sharing mode.
The SFUs support quick data exchange. Working in load-sharing mode, the SFUs can support line-rate switching of 640 Gbit/s (160 Gbit/s x 4) traffic.The SE2600 is equipped with two independent SFUs modules located on the two SRUs.
The SPUs are service control boards for providing functions such as signaling dispatching, B2BUA, P-CSCF, media processing, security IP and signaling layers, session-based QoS. The SPUs adopt the multi-core CPU technology so that the SE2600 can flexibly meet various requirements. The SPUs work in 1+1 master/slave mode.
The LPU provides physical interfaces to external networks. The interfaces include:
10GE optical interface
GE electrical interface 

GE optical interface
The LPU is composed of the LPU module, fabric adaptor (FAD) for the switching network,and physical interface card (PIC).The three modules work together to process and forward service data quickly, and maintain and manage link protocols and forwarding information base (FIB) tables. 

Regarding other Core Network, we can still provide.

BSC6900 V200R014 Hardware device OMUa *1 SPUb *1 SCUa *1 GOUc *1 GCUa *1 AOUc *1 UOIc *1 DPUe *1

UMG8900 Hardware device MVPD *4 MSPFb *2 ME63 *1 MCME *1 MOME *1 MHRD *1 MTND *1

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